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Tom Keane: The Gravity of Data Sovereignty In Perspective

Tom Keane, the Technology Executive who played a pivotal role in growing Office 365 and Azure Global, recently discussed the importance of data sovereignty, privacy, and residency. Keane said that achieving compliance in today's global marketplace can be challenging if you are unsure which rules to follow. Data sovereignty ensures that data storage, transmission, and protection comply with the laws and compliance rules in effect where the data in question is collected. Developing trust with large organizations such as banks and financial services institutions by working with their regulators globally helped Azure exceed compliance standards in more than 30 countries worldwide. According to Keane, cloud providers are responsible for maintaining data sovereignty and ensuring best practices are followed. Data sovereignty is increasingly important as the average consumer becomes more aware of where their technology is built, how it is serviced, and what kind of privacy is intact. Despite the challenges of fluid and changing laws, business growth into new business lines or regions, increased data mobility, difficulties in achieving technological transparency, cloud infrastructures with a global footprint, and the costs associated with auditing processes and ensuring compliance, Azure runs across over 300 data centers in 60+ regions and 34 countries. Keane believes that technology providers must take the lead and ensure that laws catch up to technology to protect privacy and digital rights. Edge-based technology doesn't have to be single-purpose and increasingly is a platform that can run any application locally. IoT and edge devices are increasingly prevalent and connected, and the challenge of data sovereignty issues in this world is yet to be seen. Azure has built-in safety protocols, customer-focused privacy, and robust compliance, and Tom Keane and the Azure Global team have built it to rise to the challenge. Read the full article on The San Fransisco Examiner.

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