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Tom Keane and Microsoft Azure take cloud computing to space and back

Tom Keane, a former senior executive who spent over two decades driving global engineering and adoption of a cloud computing platform, emphasizes the importance of understanding user requirements, concerns, and pain points for successful product and idea adoption. During his tenure, Keane grappled with regulatory, legal, and compliance issues surrounding cloud services and digital sovereignty, especially in large markets like China. However, his efforts have been highly successful, with cloud computing now seen as a business necessity, powering trillions of dollars of global GDP and used by millions worldwide.

Keane highlights the benefits of cloud computing, such as lowering operational costs, providing global accessibility, scalability, and convenience, reducing time to create and deploy new products and services, and enabling effective subscription models and collaboration. He stresses the significance of understanding customer needs in different markets and niches and entering discussions with humility and willingness to learn, tailoring solutions to specific businesses, end-users, and verticals.

Keane's engineering team has launched and achieved accreditation for cloud regions designed to support critical mission capabilities such as national security concerns and disaster response efforts. He predicts more advancements in cloud computing technology in space and a new set of scenarios enabled by connecting anyone anywhere on the planet. Keane leaves a legacy of innovation, smart business strategy, and user-focused solutions development for others to follow.

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