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The Critical Need for Better Digital Governance

In the increasingly cloud-centric global landscape, former Microsoft senior tech leader, Tom Keane, spotlights the importance of effective digital governance. Keane, who played a pivotal role in the cloud revolution, underscores how successful digital infrastructures can spur economic growth and job creation, but not without facing challenges like mismanagement, poor interoperability, and the struggle to prioritize projects.

According to Keane, without effective governance and transparency, digital transformation projects risk underperforming, overshooting budgets, and falling short on service-delivery goals. He presents a comprehensive roadmap for businesses to navigate these digital minefields, which include crafting a strategic vision, identifying and managing threats, ensuring regulatory compliance, consulting with subject matter experts, and fostering collaboration and interoperability.

Keane also calls attention to the double-edged sword of data sovereignty, cloud integrity, and data security in the global cloud infrastructure, evident in Microsoft's Azure platform. Regulatory challenges, international partnerships, and data privacy concerns bring to light the necessity of robust digital standards and governance.

Furthermore, Keane stresses the need for a multi-stakeholder approach in developing these standards to ensure the Internet remains a free, open, and interoperable platform. Despite the daunting challenges, Keane’s insights present a clear guide towards achieving effective digital governance that promises to enhance security, compliance, and efficiency across various sectors.

To dive into this comprehensive guide to navigating digital governance and to discover the future of the cloud landscape, read the full article.

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