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Tom Keane Packing Up From Microsoft to Further Develop The World's Computer

Tom Keane has recently announced his departure from his position as a technology executive, overseeing 600 engineers working on various products. During his tenure, Keane played a critical role in the development of Azure, one of the company's most important products/services. His contributions to Azure included creating Africa's first hyper-scale cloud service, China's first hyper-scale cloud service, and Azure Space. He also led initiatives such as developing solutions for financial services clients, establishing Microsoft Vanguard engineering process, and Azure Government Cloud. Azure has expanded to 35 countries during Keane's tenure with the service, including countries in Africa and Asia where there were no cloud services for corporations. Keane's leadership and expertise have been recognized, and he was named a Cloud Industry Executive by WashingtonExec. As he departs from the company, Keane will continue working in cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. His next step is to expand and improve the world's computer, and his previous work positions him well for another major project in these fields. Tom Keane joined Microsoft Consulting Services in May 2001 and moved into engineering management in August 2003. Full Article:

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