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Tom Keane: Unfolding The Impact Of Cloud Computing As An Industrial Gamechanger

Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses operate, becoming a necessity for companies worldwide over the past decade. Recent global developments, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of Web3 and new technologies, have made cloud-based services an even more attractive proposition. From family-owned businesses to multinationals, digital solutions have facilitated the rapid digitalization of modern industry. The consumer market has similarly seen the rise of digital options at scale. Cloud computing has become the forefront of the modernization of industry. Tom Keane, a former executive and head of Azure Development, recently shared his perspective on the revolutionary expansion of cloud computing. Keane said: “Building a new product that came with a new technology paradigm, a new business model, and new challenges meant the industry had to rethink its positioning in terms of long-term adoption." Early cloud computing software programs were built on a foundation of security and privacy. Azure was created to exceed data privacy, residency, and compliance expectations and requirements. Cloud-based services have become the staple of multinational firms. Cloud computing applications, from eCommerce to healthcare, are wide-ranging and can be used for development, testing, and data modernization. The end-goal is to enable companies to store crucial information and safeguard customer data against cyber threats. Cloud computing has opened the door to exciting possibilities across industries as businesses rethink what they can do with digital technology, abundant computing, and automation. Full article:

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